Bai Ze (concept)

posted December 11th, 2011, 4:50 pm


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December 11th, 2011, 4:57 pm

Aster Selene


You can tell I was totally lazy with this lol

Name: The Wise Sagely Bai Ze of the North Mountain, All-Knowing (according to her)
Race: Bai Ze
Alignment: Neutral
Age: Thousands of years old (once again, according to her)
Likes: people stroking her ego
Dislikes: not knowing when asked something, being embarrassed, people swearing or otherwise being "immature"

Claims to have lived a thousand years as the wisest among all bai ze and spent at least seven hundred of those years in mediation, gaining knowledge without need of food or drink. Nobody actually knows (or cares) about her actual history.

Claims to be wise, smart, and experienced above all, and thus perceives herself to be a "leader" or "caretaker". Thus, she pretends that she's smart and the one with responsibility, and believes that she's helping them to grow up to her advanced age.

This of course doesn't hide the fact she's an absolute dumbshit who doesn't know anything...

Likes to scold other people/demons for swearing, being immature, or not being studious enough. She claims everyone is too immature due to the lack of thousands of years of experience she claims to have.

Treats everyone about the same on account of the fact that according to her they are inexperienced, immature ones who have much to learn. If anyone shows her respect for her supposed wisdome she will praise them on their maturity.

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