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November 28th, 2011, 3:36 pm



Demon: Macha
Race: Bird
Alignment: Law
Age: 25
Height: 6'0''
Likes: Jewels (jades in particular), dungeon crawling, rocky terrains, cloudy (but not rainy) skies
Dislikes: Inexperienced/underleveled demons, failure, forests, nights

"A god of war in Celtic mythology. Also known as the god of the dead. His hair is red, his clothes are crimson, and he gallops around the battlefield on a one-legged, blood-red horse."

Once a great knight for a queen in a distant land, Knifebird was revered for his strength, dedication and loyalty to his duties and cause. He was one of the Queen's closest servants and companions, and he had quickly allowed this to get to his head. He had allowed himself to believe that he was unable to be defeated, and thus had no sense of caution or regard for any danger he may have ended up facing. A great demon king had become a threat to the kingdom of a distant land, and though he was powerful, both the queen and Knifebird held great faith that the kingdom's greatest knight would be capable of handling it. He had been preparing for the battle when he had fallen asleep on the job--his arrogance had convinced him that taking a quick nap before his fight wouldn't hurt anything, he'd be able to defeat the demon without a hitch! Unfortunately, his ego had gotten the better of him--upon awaking, he was graced with the sight of a shattered kingdom, the castle left in ruins, the surrounding village collapsed and toppled, and the very queen he had been required to protect left dead on her pedestal. Unable to bear the responsibility and anxiety that had accompanied the sight, his heart was torn to shreds, and the once great knight was killed.

Reborn as a demon, the distant land's great queen became a knight for a new purpose--defending the angels and ministers of the Law faction.

Responsible and straightforward, Knifebird retains a sense of maturity, mystery and wisdom that makes him come off as a good deal older than he actually is. He seems to have been mellowed by time, left fairly modest with a tendency to keep to himself. He isn't the type to partake in small-talk conversations, and rather views even the closest of his companions as coworkers and not much more than that. Still, this doesn't keep Knifebird from being blunt in any moment that requires him to be--in fact, he's known to impetuously call out every slip up and mistake of all of his companions as they happen. He looks down on weaker demons and demons who goof off too much, especially in battle.

He's insanely dedicated and perhaps even obsessed with the success of all of his missions and assignments, and in turn, almost afraid of failure, and thus has been known to go to to extreme lengths to prevent the latter. Most notably (and perhaps predictably), Knifebird is known to shirk sleeping for the sake of his assignments and duties, even the self-assigned ones, such as lookout while his teammates are sleeping. Because of this, Knifebird is known to doze off on occasion when the setting is quiet and allows him to do so.

Inukun ※ Scolds him often and often finds him difficult to deal with due to his abrasive and negative personality, but on good days, the two get along and fight well side by side.

Garmy ※ Gets irritated with him very often, but has learned to deal with him over time, and while he still annoys Knifebird, he often overlooks it with a sigh and points him in the right direction.

Meatball ※ Often left confused by them not only due to their haphazard actions and statements, but also their gender...

Maka ※ Finds her useful despite her young age, mostly due to her healing capabilities, but he often represses the deepset urge to correct her grammar and speaking patterns.

Yuni ※ Holds a deep dislike towards; Knifebird is disgusted by the fact that while Yuni is older than he is, he behaves as if he were ten years younger. His distaste for him is very obvious.

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Fell asleep on the job GG Knifebird GG. XDDD Wow just seeing his name used seriously is XDDD

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November 28th, 2011, 3:45 pm



KYAAA my kb is sooo dashing he better loveme kyeheh his art looks so nice too *0* btw your rpfaggotry is showing a wee bit lmao XD

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its okay, seniors get tired more easily than youth

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